Fun Facts

It’s hard to put into words the spirit and energy of the Fresno Greek Fest, much less describe all that amazing food! But here are some stats that will help tell the story. Last year, at the Fresno Greek Fest:

  • More than 1,600 pounds of butter were used
  • More than 500 pounds of rice and 600 pounds of ground beef were consumed
  • More than 8,000 dolmades, 6,000 koulourakia, and 5,000 paximadia were made from scratch
  • More than 400 pounds of filo was used in more than 120 pans of baklava
  • More than 1,000 pounds of feta cheese and yogurt were integral to so many dishes
  • Ten tons of ice helped keep everything cool including 50 kegs of beer

And that’s just the beginning!

Did you know:

Fresno Greek Fest is the only

Greek Festival west of the Mississippi that cooks 98% OF ITS FOOD from SCRATCH?


Greek Fest is in August to best approximate the day and night-time
temperatures in Greece – for a much enhanced and authentic experience?

The Ancient Athenians were the

first humans to develop democracy?

The Greek Alphabet is the forerunner

of the alphabet we use in English today?

Ancient Greek children slept in

wicker baskets until they were seven years old?

Ancient Greeks ate dinner while

lying on their sides?

Greek was the language of education

in the Roman Empire?

Greek food today, with slight variation

(such as the addition of the tomato after 1500), is about as it has been for over 2000 years?

Greeks consume more olive oil per

capita than any other group of people?

Greek dance is actually very easy

all you have to do is follow along?

The length of Greece’s coastline

is estimated at 9,300 miles; America’s coastline is estimated at 11,800 miles. The land area of Greece is slightly smaller than Alabama?

The yo-yo is the second oldest

known toy in the world (only the doll is older), and was born over 3,000 years ago in the days of ancient Greece?

That there are no longer any Greek

Restaurants in Fresno, so that Greek Fest is the ONLY PLACE you can buy authentic Greek Food in town?

Greek beer tastes good

and you can taste it at Greek Fest?

Greek is one of the few European

languages where the word NO does not have any sort of “”N”” sound?

If a word has a “ph”

in it, it is probably Greek?

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