55 Years of Food, Fun, and Love

How can a cultural event survive more than half a century? Love! The Fresno community has embraced the Fresno Greek Fest, its traditions and taken them on as a part of their own. The family event has grown every year with attendance increasing by the thousands. The food has always been the centerpiece of the event. Fresno Greeks of all ages have helped keep the traditions alive for future generations. The Central Valley is made up of over 80 different ethnic groups with different beliefs but come August everyone is ready to enjoy the food, the family fun, music and dancing. For three days, everyone is an Honorary Greek! Fresno Greek Fest is the only festival in the central valley that brings together Greek traditions with a family atmosphere and literally TONS of homemade Greek foods, all to raise funds for the needy.

The amount of time spent preparing for the festival is mind-boggling! When the last fair-goer has walked out the gate on the final day, the festival committee is already thinking about ways to improve and grow the festival for the next year. The preparation goes far beyond the food, there are teams of people for set up, clean up, parking, people who ensure the Point of Sale system is working, and then there are the volunteers that help during the event. Preparing for the extravaganza is a full time job. This giant party is the perfect combination of food, family and fun! This cultural experience has become a tradition that keeps attendees coming back for more.

Everyone loves Greek Fest! Why? Well, the answer is somewhat long winded, but essentially, it’s because there is literally something for everyone! Shopping for the shopaholic, games and crafts for the kids, wine and beer tasting for those brave enough, and of course food for everyone! They have sweets for a sweet tooth fanatic, meat for all the carnivores and enough veggie entrees for all the veggie lovers in the Valley. It is a great place to take your family and to hang out with friends. So come be Greek for a weekend and bring some one along. You will not be disappointed! OPA!

For more information about the Fresno Greek Festival, please email info@fresnogreekfest.com or contact the office at (559) 233-0397.

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