Youth Activities!

Once, again, the Fresno Greek Fest is offering a staggering array of Family Friendly Activities to help all aspiring Greeks to better enjoy the Festival! For the first time, we are sponsoring the “Kids’ Olympics” *!  For information on how your child can participate, please visit the following url:

For those not into competitive games, we are offering such time-honored activities such as:  Guitar Hero, Movies, Gold Panning, Treasure Hunting, Bounce Houses, Water Slides and much, much more!

Unlimited Daily Wrist Band: $10.00
- Includes:  Bounce Houses, slides, Joust

Individual Youth Tickets: $1.00 each
Pack of 10 Tickets: $8.00 each
Pack of 20 Tickets: $15.00 each

Youth Activities 2014 – Per Ride Pricing
Bounce Houses, Slides, Joust: $1.00 each
Face Painting: $5.00
Wooden Model Building: $3.00
Hand-Dip Candle-making: $2.00
Leather-working: $3.00
Gold Panning: $8.00
Gemstone Search: $1.00
Bubbles: $1.00
Arts/Crafts: $2.00
X-Box Kinect-Just Dance: $2.00
X-Box Kinect-Just Dance Competition: $5.00
Carnival Games: $1.00